Trail Conditions


November 19, 2018

Upper Trails and most Competition Trails groomed and tracks set this morning.   Cemetery Loop is closed.  Tolkien has been packed and is now usable with only a few wet spots.  Lower trails have been packed but are still closed due to wet areas.  Nara and River Loops are open. Individual conditions are listed below.

Snow Base: New snow last 24 hrs:   New snow last 7 days: Total snow season:
4" 2"   5" to 6" 16"
 Updated: 11/19/18        
Upper Trails:        
Birch Loop Single track/Skate   Oak Loop Single track/Skate
Pine Loop Single track/Skate   Isle Royale Loop Single track/Skate
Superior Loop Single track/Skate   Core Loop Single track/Skate
Portage Loop Single track/Skate      
Competition Trails:        
Linden Loop Single track/Skate   Peepsock Loop Single track/Skate
Cemetary Loop CLOSED   Balsam Loop Single track/Skate
Maple Loop Single track/Skate   Skidder Loop Single track/Skate
Hairpin Loop Single track/Skate      
Lower Trails: CLOSED      
Down Under Loop CLOSED   Royalwood Loop CLOSED
Tanglewood Loop CLOSED   Homestead Loop CLOSED
Racers Return CLOSED      
Nara Trails:        
Nara Loop Skate   River Trail Packed
Tolkien Trails: Open      
Troll Loop Packed   Ent Loop Packed
Ring Loop Packed   Hobbit Loop Packed
Gnome Loop Packed   Elf Loop Packed

All trails will be groomed daily as needed. Starting with Upper Trails finished by 8am and working our way east. Tolkien Trails will be groomed early afternoon if needed.

Notice: Grooming patterns may change if our Nordic Team puts in a special request for training.

Please email for trail maintenance or concerns.  We will fix the issue promptly.

Safety Note:  Please do not ride the wrong way on trails.  Trails with steep hills are intended to be one direction to avoid collisions and injury.  One-way trails have a Do Not Enter sign posted on the wrong-way trail entrance.  Please keep a lookout for these signs and stay safe on the trails!

Remember - Dogs must be kept to Isle Royale, Superior Loop and Tolkien Trails on leash only.  

Snow Bikes (Fat Tire) may ride on Isle Royale, Superior, Tolkien and River Loops.  


*Lights on at 5am and will turn off at 9:30pm


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