Belly Dance for Fitness

Not currently offered.

Learn to shake, shimmy and roll in this energetic cabaret-style belly dance class. Part brain-teaser, part isolation workout – you'll still be able to smile while learning demanding technique and moves.

No experience necessary, but vocabulary and steps are progressive. This class is designed for newbies though more advanced layer-loving dancers are welcome.


SDC Studio

Special Requirements

Comfortable clothing you can move in, barefoot or dance shoes, bring your own hip scarf (some will be provided).

About the Instructor

Allison Mills coaxed her parents into letting her take dance classes at the tender age of three. She studied classical ballet in Helena, Montana and in Minnesota's Twin Cities area, including an apprenticeship with the Continental Ballet Company and toured the Midwest for several years performing in The Nutcracker, Cinderella and Coppelia. When she left professional ballet, Allison became the youngest member at the Rosemount High School Modern Dance Company and explored other dance forms including belly dance, jazz and improvisation.

Belly dance especially stole her heart and feet when she began studying Raqs Sharqi. Allison's belly dance training is mostly in cabaret styles (Egyptian and a hint of Turkish) though she's dabbled in American fusion styles as well.

Allison has been instructing a variety of dances over the past decade and hasn't stopped performing since her first stage appearance as an itty-bitty, sequined gull in Peter Pan. She believes strongly in making dance training accessible in rural areas and that dancers of all ages can learn to connect, appreciate and take care of their bodies. Allison is also a science geek and writer (her day job) as well as a dog owner, gardener and teapot fanatic.