If you’re looking for an effective and comfortable way to strengthen and tone, look no further than aqua-fit. It’s a low-impact aerobics class performed in the water, so it’s easy on joints and appropriate for all fitness levels. The class utilizes easy-to-learn moves set to music, like jumping jacks, toe-touches, and simple dance/aerobic steps. You’ll strengthen your muscles, get a great cardio workout, and have fun.

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Never quite learned how to swim? Have a fear of water? Private and semi-private lessons are available for participants of all ages. Gain basic aquatic skills and swimming strokes. Learn the skills and concepts needed to stay safe in and around water and how to help yourself or others in an aquatic emergency. Interested in training to be a lifeguard or water safety instructor? Michigan Tech Community Programs periodically offers Red Cross certification classes in both Lifeguard Training and Water Safety Instruction.