Challenge Course

The Michigan Tech Outdoor Adventure Program outdoor course is typically open from mid May until the end of October.  We are able to run events on the High Elements during the winter months with advance reservations. We are not able to utilize many of our low elements during the winter due to snow cover, but we do have many games and portable elements that can be used year round, at our location or we can come to you!   

Low Elements

-We have 11 low elements constructed between 6" and 6' of the ground.  All elements involve some degreee of spotting to ensure safety of the participants.  The group will assist with spotting each other and working as a team to accomplish the activity or task set forth.  

-Average program uses 4 to 5 elements depending on the size of the group and the teamwork and problem solving capabiliteis of the group.

-Activities on the low elements typically involve more team-building, leadership development, creative and critical thinking skills, and well as overall communication skills.  

- All Low element activities are tailored to your specific group and desired outcomes.  We ask some general questions to get an idea about what we should focus on and build the program from there.  

High Elements

-We utilize a pole style high element course consisting of a pole climb, 5 aerial elements, and a 250' + zip-line exit.  

-Our course is a dynamic course which meaning our participants only need to climb one time to complete all aerial elements and to access the zip line.  Participants are belayed up the pole climb on a traditional climbing belay.  Once at the top, participants will clip into the dynamic belay system using what we call 'lobster claws'.  These 'claws' allow participants to move through the course easier and with more freedom, while maintaing safety.  Participants are connected to a separate zip line system to exit the high elements.  

-We find that the high elements focus more on individual challenges and overcoming personal boundaries and limits.  The support of the group or team is very beneficial when on the high elements and we will include at least one low element in every high element course to help build that support.